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American Cherry

American Cherry Vinyl Flooring

American cherry as one of the classical wood colors has been widely used in various flooring decorations, such as laminate, hard wood and vinyl flooring from which you may name some famous brands like Armstrong American cherry flooring. Compared with the first two floors, American cherry vinyl flooring is more durable and waterproof which makes it very popular among many countries especially North America district.

American cherry vinyl flooring is featured by circle and circle wood grains with dark and light mixed color shade. Around the shade are some tight and slight wood textures. American cherry flooring from Chic Vinyl Flooring is characterized by dark yellow color, while it may appear a little dark brown in some other vinyl flooring suppliers; anyway the difference is too slight to be focused on.

Consumers love this cherry vinyl flooring not only for its wood decor, but for other performances, one of which is high wearing resistance. According to the wearing resistance levels vinyl flooring is divided into commercial use vinyl flooring and residential use vinyl flooring. You may find more detailed information from our vinyl flooring introduction page. And if you are interested in this American cherry vinyl flooring, don’t forget to enquire quick quotation from our online quote system.

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