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The best vinyl flooring doesn’t happen by accident, which is why we use a strict QC system to ensure quality vinyl flooring is produced each day and every time.

Our products undergo strict quality control from the initial selection of raw materials through all stages of production and packing.

In the mixing step, for example, our QC manager needs to adjust all the requirements into the best condition to control vinyl flooring quality. According to the technique, the mixer temperature should be around 115 degrees centigrade with the mixing time reaching 8 to 10 minutes. Meanwhile, to get an ideal result, volume of raw materials should be 60% of the large mixer. Of course, slight adjustments need to be made according to different seasons. In winter, speed up the mixer and in summer, slow it down.

As experienced vinyl flooring manufacturers, Chic Vinyl Flooring strives to make every production step under strict standard and all that we do is to provide the best vinyl flooring. After production, our professional QC team will do a series of tests to make sure all the product performances are coincident with relative standards. For instance, QC workers will check dimensional stability under EN434, overall thickness under EN428, abrasion resistance under EN660-2, and etc. Only quality vinyl flooring will be packed and shipped out to our customers. Meanwhile, from each batch of products we will keep a few samples as a record in case customers may encounter quality problems.

Besides techniques, we also attach great importance to equipment which will affect production effect to a large degree. For example, to get satisfying PVC material plasticizing quality, the processing precision and assembly precision of screw and barrel play an important role. Therefore, our QC workers always check screw and barrel in regular.

From the beginning of production to packing and container loading, we promise to do the best and we believe only strict quality control can produce the best vinyl flooring.

Among so many vinyl flooring suppliers in China, Chic Vinyl Flooring realize the importance of standing out from the crowd and after more than a decade in the industry, we are adamant that consistently supplying quality vinyl flooring is the key to success. Actually, vinyl flooring quality has become part of our spirit.

So if you are seeking the best vinyl flooring why not give Chic Vinyl Flooring a try? Our one-stop service will offer you more than satisfaction.