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Black Bamboo

Black Bamboo Vinyl Flooring

Black bamboo vinyl flooring as one of the bamboo series vinyl floorings is specially focused because of the black bamboo color. Actually, black bamboo is not pure black, but a mixture of purple and black. So you may also hear purple bamboo instead.

Bamboo vinyl plank flooring is characterized by the bamboo joints, so is black bamboo vinyl flooring. Straight and dense wood grains stretch down from the top as if cascading waterfall or well weaved textile and all the smoothness is disturbed by the bamboo joints.

These bamboo vinyl plank floorings are quite suitable to be installed in the kitchen, because the fine bamboo grains can easily make your kitchen floor look tidy and clean. So people who are looking for kitchen flooring can give a shot to bamboo vinyl flooring.

Besides this black vinyl flooring you may find other bamboo series products such as gold bamboo vinyl flooring and green bamboo vinyl flooring. Just turn to the relative pages to see if they are your favorites.

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