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Black Walnut Vinyl Flooring

At the first look of this product many people may doubt what the difference is between black walnut vinyl flooring and dark walnut vinyl flooring. Careful people may notice that the color tone of black walnut vinyl flooring is darker than that of dark walnut. Besides, unlike the even chocolate wood strips of dark walnut, black walnut vinyl flooring is featured by wood grains carrying a contrast between light and black wood which expresses the wood characters even vivid.

No matter what the detailed color is, either black walnut or dark walnut, they can all be called black vinyl flooring. Aesthetically speaking, this black vinyl flooring is suitable to be installed in large room space thereby presenting a substantial living environment instead of inanity. Similarly, if your room is limited in space, just try some light color vinyl floorings.

Thought walnut vinyl flooring is quite popular, there are still many people who won’t buy it because that’s not the wood species they like. To meet various needs of different customers Chic Vinyl flooring launched other wood effect vinyl plank floorings. Oak, teak, maple, cherry…so many wood species will definitely make you satisfied. Just start your enjoyment from now on.

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