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Brazilian Cherry

Brazilian Cherry Vinyl Flooring

Brazilian cherry is also called South American Cherry, but actually its’ not cherry wood at all. It’s a legume belonging to the Fabaceae family. Brazilian cherry vinyl flooring is featured by a color span from salmon pink to reddish brown with orange-yellow highlights and dark accent stripes. Gorgeous but not flaunty, Brazilian cherry flooring attracts many people by its unique character.

The charming beauty of Brazilian cherry enables Brazilian cherry vinyl flooring hotly accepted as bedroom floors. Durable, elastic, anti-scrap, waterproof and anti-slip, all those advantages makes vinyl flooring also suitable for other rooms like kitchen, bathroom. Additionally, easy maintenance makes daily house work an easy task.

If you don’t like Brazilian cherry, no worry, go to our cherry vinyl flooring series and select other wood species. By the way, you can also check our online shopping system and there you will find the most popular colors we recommend. Follow our instructions step by step, you may get quick response as soon as possible.

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