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Carpet Vinyl Flooring

Just as the name implies, carpet vinyl flooring is featured by the carpet like decor colors. Colorful and fluffy, compact and tidy, carpet vinyl plank flooring is just like a piece of manually weaved mat.

Though carpet vinyl flooring is not soft as carpet, it’s still elastic at least compared with solid and laminate flooring. Besides, carpet vinyl tiles have good waterproof performance and this enables carpet vinyl flooring to be installed in humid environment like bathroom. Even if there are tiresome stains or litters you still don’t need to worry because cleaning vinyl flooring is quite easy. Check our product page and you will find relative information there.

Carpet vinyl flooring from Chic Vinyl Flooring are diverse, the photos in this page are just a part of our designs, so if you have requests beyond this collection don’t forget to contact our sales for help. Or you can send your ideal colors to our team, and they will check the similar colors for you from our full sets of color books. Still waiting for what? Just check the photos below and add your favorites into your shopping cart.