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Carpet Vinyl Flooring

Carpet Vinyl Flooring

Carpet vinyl flooring is vinyl flooring with carpet effect surface designs. To get a better mimic, carpet vinyl plank flooring is created with embossed knots at surface. Decorated with beautiful carpet designs, carpet vinyl flooring from Chic Vinyl Flooring presents you a visual feast of colorful carpets.

Carpet vinyl flooring looks like carpet, however, it’s more than carpet. Durable, waterproof and easy maintenance, all these privileges enable carpet vinyl flooring popular among people who intend to use carpet but still hesitate for the disadvantages carpet has. Besides, carpet vinyl plank flooring is easy to remove and install. So it’s quite convenient for you to put them anywhere you like. Want to know how to install vinyl plank flooring? Download our DIY manuals, follow the simple tips and you will finish your big project in little time.

Still searching for the best priced vinyl flooring? You are already here now. Come on now to select your designs and specifications by our online system, require samples from the sales and check how best we can do for you.

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