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Vinyl Flooring Application

Nowadays, healthy and environmentally friendly life style has become a main stream which is widely focused. More and more consumers pay attention to the living environment: healthy foods, healthy dressing and now it turns to home decoration. Pursuing economical and environmentally friendly flooring becomes a new trend.

Residential Vinyl Flooring or Commercial Vinyl Flooring

Though vinyl flooring has been widely applied into various places either public or domestic, many people are still not quite clear what kind of vinyl floorings are suitable for the place that they are going to decorate. In this section, we will give a thorough introduction about vinyl flooring application.

According to the thickness of wearing resistance layer, vinyl plank floor is divided into residential vinyl flooring and commercial vinyl flooring. Those vinyl floors with 0.1mm to 0.3mm wearing resistance layer are residential vinyl flooring which are usually applied for moderate traffic places like living room and bed room; those of 0.4mm to 0.7mm wear layers are commercial vinyl flooring and they are used in places with heavy traffic such as office building, shopping mall and coffee shop, etc.

Kitchen Vinyl Flooring

As it’s easy to clean, easy to install and incredibly hard wearing, vinyl flooring becomes one of the most popular floor coverings to have in kitchen. In Chic Vinyl Flooring, you will find various kitchen vinyl floorings produced for different kitchen designs. For easily decorated kitchens with light-color walls and plain furniture, dark marble vinyl flooring will help to strengthen your design effect and give your room a solid base. And if you would like your kitchen appear natural and brilliant, wood effect vinyl planks will be good choice. This affordable and easy to clean alternative to real wood floors look terrific in any home.

Bathroom Vinyl Flooring

Coming with a wide range of colors and styles, bathroom vinyl flooring is incredibly simple to fit and maintain. And what makes it even hotter is the high water resistant performance. Just like kitchen vinyl flooring, the selection of bathroom vinyl flooring also has principles. Looking for classic water theme tiles? The blue color marble vinyl flooring will be a good choice. If you are tired of wood and stone styles, innovative carpet vinyl flooring may be a valuable try. Thanks for vinyl flooring, “carpet” won’t be wet with tub.