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Crystal Vinyl Flooring

Crystal Vinyl Flooring

Crystal vinyl flooring is one of our popular products approved by clients from Asia and South Africa. Unlike laminate flooring, the rain-drop-like surface of crystal vinyl plank flooring appears messy and casual. They are more like lines of neatly displayed leaf veins.

Crystal vinyl flooring can be matched with any wood colors such as cherry, walnut, maple. But professionally speaking, we suggest you to consider the color tone firstly while choosing vinyl flooring designs because it may affect the harmony of your whole room largely. For example, small room matches cold color plank vinyl flooring, bright room suits dark color flooring.

Besides visual feeling, practical function is also important. Crystal vinyl flooring has been widely used in humid environment like bathroom for its water proof and durable performance. That’s why many people may call it crystal bathroom vinyl flooring.

Interested in crystal vinyl plank flooring? Follow our steps and buy vinyl flooring online easily now.

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