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Dark Walnut Vinyl Flooring

Dark walnut vinyl flooring is one of the most popular flooring materials circulated in North American. Attractive chocolate color easily reminds you of sweet candies; dignity and wisdom are the inspired spirit you may get from walnut vinyl flooring.

Dark walnut vinyl flooring can go matching with any vinyl wood surfaces such as crystal, deep embossed, handscraped and wood texture. Professionally speaking, the dark straight wood grains of walnut flooring are quite suitable to match identically straightly embossed wood texture surface. The coincidence of walnut color and embossed surface will strengthen real wood effect of walnut vinyl flooring.

Besides appearance, another point that people concern most about flooring is the durability. The top layer of dark walnut vinyl flooring is impregnated with special materials which help to improve its wearing resistant performance thereby lengthening flooring lifetime. That means one time installation of walnut vinyl flooring offers you decade ease living. Is it valuable?

Of course, besides dark walnut vinyl flooring we have other wide range of walnut vinyl floorings for you to choose from such as exotic Italian walnut vinyl flooring and unsophisticated black walnut vinyl flooring. Just go to the walnut flooring page and make a free select.

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