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Deep Embossed Vinyl Flooring

Deep embossed vinyl flooring is one of the popular wood surface vinyl floorings. It is widely accepted all over the world, especially Europe and America. Meanwhile, some customers from Asia and Africa countries also like this surface design. Deep embossed effect imitates real wood floors vividly and the concave and convex feeling makes the mimic more natural. Walking in the room decorated with deep embossed vinyl flooring just resembles walking on the real woods.

Actually, gifted with various beautiful colors, deep embossed vinyl flooring is far more than we mentioned above. Among so many wood colors, deep embossed oak vinyl flooring stands out obviously due to the classical wood grain of oak. And with many outstanding advantages of durability and waterproof performance, vinyl flooring has been applied into many places of which deep embossed kitchen flooring is an example.

Of course, all the matching are not fixed, you can also match your ideal vinyl flooring like walnut vinyl flooring with wood texture surface. Want to get the competitive price? Just select your favorite surface and color then hand in to our quick quote system, our sales will respond you as soon as possible.

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