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Nowadays, healthy and environmentally friendly life style has become a main stream which is widely focused. More and more consumers pay attention to the living environment: healthy foods, healthy dressing and now it turns to home decoration. Pursuing economical and environmentally friendly flooring becomes a new trend.

To follow this trend, Sunspeed Group launched recyclable vinyl flooring—Chic Vinyl Flooring which has been regarded as one of consumers’ beloveds for its environmentally friendly performance. We pride ourselves in our dedication to creating environmentally friendly flooring by ensuring sustainability in all the sourcing and manufacturing of quality vinyl flooring we produce. Why can we assure Chic Vinyl Flooring to be environmentally friendly flooring? The main reasons lie in following steps.

  • Eco-friendly Production

    Chic Vinyl Flooring uses polyvinyl chloride as the main material of vinyl flooring. This material has been widely applied in many other parts of our daily life because of its recyclable and non-toxic character, for instance, hospital, supermarket, stadium and stations. Chic Vinyl flooring’s production is based on the main material of polyvinyl chloride, mixing with stuffing, colorant, plasticizer and stabilizer. Through coating and squeezing process on core board there comes vinyl plank flooring. From material sourcing to production, all those eco-friendly steps produce environmentally friendly vinyl flooring.

  • Eco-friendly Installation

    Vinyl flooring is divided into two types: they are vinyl plank flooring and roll flooring. Chic Vinyl Flooring mainly offers vinyl plank flooring which is installed through innovative locking system. It is easily installed without glue or nails. Thus eliminating the need for power tools and resulting in less energy use and waste.

  • Eco-friendly Packing

    As responsible flooring suppliers, Chic Vinyl Flooring carries out eco-friendly principle into every round to offer quality vinyl flooring including packing. All the paper cartons we offered to our customers are made from recycled cardboards, thus saves cost meanwhile protects environment.

If you are looking for environmentally friendly flooring, just come to Chic Vinyl Flooring, rest assured we will take good care of the environment for you.