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As professional vinyl flooring suppliers, Chic Vinyl Flooring has its own standard vinyl flooring packing cartons and to our customers, all the standard carton packages are free. Of course, we could also design more delicate vinyl flooring package cartons to customers as long as their requirements are clearly expressed. Hereunder are some pictures of our standard vinyl flooring packing designs for your reference.

Flooring packing

Meanwhile, to make sure customers have a clear picture about how the products are packaged, we also summarize detailed vinyl flooring packing information in to table below.


During these decade years, Chic Vinyl Flooring has spread its products into many countries. Here below are some pictures recording our vinyl flooring customer orders. Want to know our customers’ feedback about our products? Please check our reviews page.

Want more information about our products? Just go to contact our sales team, their professional knowledge will definitely make you satisfied.