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Golden Pine

Golden Pine Vinyl Flooring

Golden pine vinyl flooring is one of the popular pine vinyl plank floorings which remind you of harvest and combine you with the beauty of nature. The distinct wood grains spread away circle by circle, resembling water waves roused on a peaceful lake. And natural pine knotty strengthens the wild character of golden pine even more. Just for the unique beauty of golden pine, many customers come to require golden pine flooring.

Besides, golden pine vinyl floorings are jointed through click systems instead of glue which makes installation easy and clean. Bright and dynamic color combined with care free maintenance makes golden pine vinyl flooring ideal for living room decoration.

Doubting the quality of golden pine flooring? Don’t worry. Just ask our sales to arrange vinyl flooring samples for your further check. As reliable vinyl flooring suppliers we strive to offer you the best for both product and price.

Surface Wearing Resistance Grooving Click Format (mm)

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