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Vinyl flooring has been popular in kitchen and bathroom for many years because of its premium advantages such as water-resistance, high wearing resistance and resilience. Though durable, vinyl flooring still needs proper maintenance and correct floor cleaning methods will help your floors shine as original. In this section, we will tell you how to clean vinyl floors.

5 Simple Ways to Let You Know How to Clean Vinyl Floors Correctly

  • Before the cleaning work, sweep or vacuum your vinyl flooring because stones, litter and other sharp or abrasive materials will scratch vinyl flooring’s surface easily and dull its shine. So a frequent floor cleaning is quite necessary.
  • After basic cleaning, mop vinyl flooring with 50/50 mixture of hot water and vinegar. Never use harsh cleaners which can make damages to vinyl flooring surface, or detergents that leave abrasive residue behind.
  • If your flooring is heavily soiled, try to clean it with hot water and dish soap. Dish soap is a kind of mild detergent which won’t leave a residue on the floor. Keep soapy water staying on the vinyl floors for a few minutes to loosen the dirt, and then wipe it with clean cloth.
  • To remove scuff marks and scrapes off vinyl flooring, you need to prepare a clean, white cloth impregnated with a small mount of lighter fluid or paint thinner. After the mark disappears don’t forget to wash the area with clean and hot water.
  • For persistent stains, try to use the solution of bleach and hot water mixed by 1:3. Lay the rag dampened with the concocted solution on the stain for an hour. Wash the area with hot water after removing the rag.

Above are the general methods for cleaning vinyl floors. Basically speaking, light color vinyl floors like light maple vinyl flooring and white walnut vinyl flooring are easily to appear dirty, anyway, follow our floor cleaning instruction you will get great and shine floors just as initial.