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How to Install Vinyl Flooring

Many people don’t know how to install vinyl flooring exactly although they have been promised an easy vinyl flooring installation from vinyl flooring suppliers previously. Correct ways will help you install vinyl flooring effectively. Follow the instructions below to get how to install vinyl flooring.

Vinyl plank floorings are generally divided into dry back series and click series and their installation methods are different respectively. But before vinyl flooring installation, both two ways need complete preparation which is essential for a trouble-free installation.


  • Vinyl floors should be fitted at a room temperature of minimum 18℃/62℉ and maximum 27℃/80℉.
  • Vinyl flooring materials should be acclimatized for 24 hours prior to installation.
  • For best results, mix at least two packs while fitting to avoid repetitions in the pattern. It is also preferable to only use material from the same batch in a single room.
  • The surface beneath the floor must be sufficiently prepared in advance. It must be clean, smooth, firm, dry, level, free from defects, grease, oil or chemicals.

For detailed installation methods, please download our instructions below.