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Italian Walnut Vinyl Flooring

Italian walnut vinyl flooring is one of the popular vinyl plank floorings from Sunspeed Chic. Featured by bold, multi-shade straight grain lines and some obviously wave like wood grains, Italian walnut vinyl flooring appears a bit more exotic. If you are looking for vinyl floors with exotic scents, why not try our Italian vinyl flooring?

Besides attractive appearance, Italian vinyl flooring is also famous for its high waterproof performance. The adoption of special materials for vinyl flooring top layer enables Italian vinyl flooring quite resistant to humid environment. And this distinguished advantage makes kitchen and bathroom floors not limited to tiles. The once marble cold rooms are now changed with wood warmness. And according to the color character, the identically dense and straight crystal wood surface seems quite suitable for Italian walnut vinyl flooring.

Our walnut vinyl flooring is not only limited to Italian walnut. If you don’t like this sub walnut color with dark color tones, you might as well try the unsophisticated white walnut vinyl flooring. Trust me, it will bring you ever fantastic feelings.

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