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Light Maple Vinyl Flooring

Maize and bright, light maple vinyl flooring has been regarded as one of the popular vinyl plank floors with tropical exoticness and the graceful wood grains are well accepted by Southeast Asia countries.

Light maple vinyl flooring’s popularity can not be attributed to its appearance purely. There are complex factors which can be concluded into two aspects physically and mentally. Talking from the first one, light maple flooring is quite effective to enlarge room space visually because of its bright and light color. So people with small and narrow rooms are keen to use this type of maple vinyl floorings. Mentally speaking, those shining, bright or light color belong to positive colors which can bring people pleasure easily. On contrary, black or dark color tones always control people’s emotion or even make us depressed. So if there are senior citizens or children in you family, it’s better to use light maple flooring to motivate their passion.

As one stop vinyl flooring supplier, we provide various vinyl plank floorings not only limited to wood colors. Pebble effect vinyl flooring and colorful carpet vinyl flooring are also available at For details, just check our relative pages.

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