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Norway Maple Vinyl Flooring

Norway maple is a species of maple native to eastern and central Europe and southwest Asia. As a part of maple family, Norway maple is featured by yellowish-white to pale reddish, with the heartwood not distinct. Norway maple vinyl flooring imitates its wood color so vivid that you even can’t tell which is the real wood in case they are put together.

Maybe for the territory factor, Norway maple vinyl flooring is hotly demanded by European countries. And many people install it into kitchen to realize the uniform decoration with living room. Apart from the color element, many other factors are also taken into consideration for the application of Norway maple flooring. One of them is the anti-slip performance.

Since kitchen floor is easy to get wet, skid resistance seems quite important to kitchen than any other rooms. And maple vinyl flooring can exactly meet the needs because the top layer of vinyl flooring is made of special material which can effectively avoid skids.

The other reason for using Norway maple vinyl flooring in kitchen is high resilience. So even if you slip down in kitchen occasionally the high resilient Norway maple flooring may cut your hurt to the bottom.

So after so many introductions, do you get interested in installing maple vinyl flooring in kitchen now?

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