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Reclaimed Oak

Reclaimed Oak Vinyl Flooring

Reclaimed oak vinyl flooring is one of the most popular oak vinyl plank floorings produced by Chic Vinyl Flooring. Clean and fresh dark grey color tone matching with distinct oak textures, reclaimed oak vinyl tiles provide you graceful room space. Additionally, the deep dark wood scars strengthen wood effect even more. Many consumers tend to this grey color because reclaimed oak is in the middle range of color chart, neither shinning nor dim.

The grey of reclaimed oak vinyl flooring always bring people calmness and quietness, that’s why many consumers choose it for study room decoration. And since study room is place with less traffic, lower wearing resistance of vinyl plank flooring will be ok.

Besides reclaimed oak vinyl tiles, you can also find other colors from the oak vinyl plank flooring series, for example, grey oak and dark oak vinyl flooring. And if you would like to check the physical wood effects, just contact our sales to require vinyl flooring samples.

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