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Rustic Oak

Rustic Oak Vinyl Flooring

If you are looking for traditional style vinyl plank flooring, then come to rustic oak vinyl flooring. Characterized by complete oak knots, rustic oak vinyl floor provides a vivid presentation of oak wood. And the dark brown background combined with light wood rains emphasizes the rural and simple scent of rustic oak vinyl flooring.

For this reason, many consumers require rustic oak vinyl floors for kitchen. But that’s not absolute, because if your kitchen is small and dark, then you’d better choose light oak colors like European oak and golden oak instead of rustic oak.

Another reason that people choose rustic oak vinyl flooring is for the highly wear-resistant top layer. Besides, the protective UV layer makes dirt and dust hard to get attached (possible stains on the floor must be removed immediately). So it’s quite suitable to install oak vinyl plank flooring into kitchen where there will be heavy traffic and dirty stains.

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