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Scottish Pine

Scottish Pine Vinyl Flooring

Scottish Pine is a species of pine native to Europe and Asia. Featured by the common characters of pine wood, Scottish pine vinyl flooring highlights itself by its outstanding distinctions: spread with reddish circle wood grains on the dark yellow background, Scottish pine flooring gets rid of the normal pale and cold feeling, on the contrary, brings warm and comfort. As a new type of pine vinyl flooring, Scottish pine vinyl flooring is becoming increasingly popular among people in worldwide for its unique British scent.

With this trait, Scottish pine vinyl flooring is especially suitable to be used in bedroom, study room where the space is not large but needs ease and warm. Of course, if you don’t like the style of Scottish pine, you may check our pine series vinyl flooring, there are rustic pine vinyl flooring, golden pine vinyl flooring, etc. You will definitely find your favorite one here at Chic Vinyl Flooring.

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