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As vinyl flooring manufacturer with more than 10 years experience, Chic Vinyl Flooring so far has 16 vinyl flooring production machines and the high production capacity of 600,000 sqms per month assures a sustainable flooring supplies. To be responsible manufacturer of vinyl flooring Chic Vinyl Flooring brought in advanced equipment from Germany. From raw material sourcing to production, from packing to final shipment, Chic Vinyl Flooring always abides a strict standard to accomplish a satisfying vinyl flooring quality control.

vinyl flooring manufacturers

Generally speaking, the whole vinyl flooring production from material sourcing to flooring shipment contains 8 steps.

  • Mixing materials. Put materials of polyvinyl chloride resins, calcium carbonate, plasticizers and pigments together into a large industrial mixer.
  • Producing basic layer. The mixture is heated to melting and consolidated. The friction from the mixing blades produces a compound with consistency of bread dough. The dough-like substance is put through calendar rollers and the material is squeezed into sheets.
  • Cutting wear layer paper and decoration layer paper. Cut wear layer paper and decoration layer paper into proper sizes that is coincident with product.
  • Pressing and cutting. Lay all the layers in order and hot pressing them together. Once decorated, the sheet is then cut into individual tiles with a die cutting machine, resembling multiple cookie cutters.
  • UV coating. Spread UV coating onto tiles if customers require.
  • Acclimation. Put tiles into a constant temper room to balance the internal structure of vinyl flooring.
  • Quality Check. After acclimation, there comes the last but one step, quality checking. In this section, QC will pick out the unqualified products and put them into the second production.
  • Packing and shipment. Once all the quality products are prepare, workers will get down to packing per customers’ requirements, thereafter is the shipment.

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