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Vinyl flooring which is also called PVC flooring in some South Asia countries is becoming more and more popular as a new type flooring material in the decoration industry.

Many people just know this product, as to questions like vinyl flooring construction, vinyl flooring advantages, what kind of product can be regarded as quality vinyl flooring and if China vinyl flooring creditable, they may totally don’t quite understand. In this section you will know more about vinyl flooring or PVC flooring knowledge.

Vinyl Flooring Construction

Vinyl flooring construction consists of four layers from top to bottom, they are UV/ PU coating layer, wearing layer, printed decoration layer and backing layer, just as the picture shows below.

Vinyl flooring construction

Each layer of vinyl flooring construction has its function.

  • Wear layer enables vinyl flooring durable and resistant to scratch, stains and impacts. Meanwhile the ceramic coating makes sure the vivid gloss of vinyl flooring, and avoids the color fade in the future.
  • PVC printed film layer gifts vinyl flooring beautiful colors resembling wood, stone and carpet.
  • Layers of solid virgin vinyl are the main part of vinyl flooring which are used to support the whole board.
  • Fiberglass sheet is an extra layer which is produced per customer’s requests. And its main function is to strengthen the intension of vinyl flooring.
  • Backing layer which is also an important layer of vinyl flooring. Actually, its material is nearly the same as solid virgin vinyl layer.
  • Click systems are only available for 4mm or even thicker products. Through click system, vinyl flooring can be installed together easily by a slight tap. While for less than 4mm thick products, glue will be the main tool.

Vinyl Flooring Advantages

Vinyl flooring is becoming increasingly popular mainly because of the following advantages:

  • Environmentally Friendly. Vinyl flooring is mainly made of polyvinyl chloride which is a kind of non-toxic and recyclable material, thus makes vinyl flooring eco-friendly.
  • Thin and Light. Vinyl flooring or PVC flooring is only 2-3 mm thick and weighs 2-3KGs/ sqm, which is less than 10% of common flooring materials. This will absolutely save room and relieve burden for buildings.
  • Other distinguished advantages that common floors can not compare such as high wearing resistance and elasticity, anti-slip and waterproof performance, good sound insulation function, anti-corrosion feature. And to lazy people, vinyl flooring will definitely be the first choice because it’s easy to install and maintain.

All these vinyl flooring advantages above enable vinyl flooring to be one of the widely used flooring materials which is popular especially in European and American market, while in China, it’s also well accepted.

Vinyl Flooring Application, Commercial or Residential?

What wearing resistance should I use for living room, office or coffee shop? That’s what people may ask frequently. Basically speaking, the wearing resistance of vinyl flooring depends on the thickness of the wear layer, 0.1mm to 0.3mm are for residential use like bed room, living room; 0.3mm to 0.7mm are for commercial use like shopping mall, public office.

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