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White Teak

White Teak Vinyl Flooring

White teak vinyl flooring is one of the few white vinyl floorings presented by us. We call it white floor mainly because it backgrounds white. But decorated with black teak grains it’s not pure white. The black and white mixture designs gift white teak vinyl flooring dim beauty.

Just as the normal teak grains, white teak vinyl flooring is characterized by many straight and dense wood textures. For this reason, we recommend deep embossed wood surface to go matching with the teak color. Dark grains associating with convex surface will highlight the real wood effect even more.

White teak is a soft color so you may install this white vinyl flooring anywhere you like. What you need to consider more is which wearing resistance level you need. To solve this problem you need to make sure where you’re going to lay these floors firstly, for commercial or residential? Teak vinyl flooring with 0.1mm to 0.3mm thick wear layer is suitable for residential use like living room and study room; 0.4mm to 0.7mm wear layer vinyl flooring is suitable for commercial application like coffee house and office building. If you are still not sure which wear layer is suitable for you, try to contact our sales and they will offer you professional advice.

Need white vinyl flooring with other wood species? White walnut vinyl flooring will be a nice choice. Hurry to check the relative page and find out if it’s your favorite.

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