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White Walnut Vinyl Flooring

As one of the countable white vinyl floorings from Chic, white walnut vinyl flooring is hotly welcomed by European countries. White background color matched with light grey circle wood grains, white walnut vinyl flooring exactly resembles white and soft beach. Want to experience sea beach inspiration without going out? Just try the white vinyl plank floors.

To correspond with the white walnut wood grains, we suggest selecting deep embossed wood surface to match white walnut vinyl flooring. The concave and convex design of embossed surface effectively strengthens white vinyl flooring’s wood feelings both visually and tactually. If you are not sure whether it performs as what you are expecting, just require some physical vinyl flooring samples from our sales. And we can also offer customized vinyl flooring samples per your requests; the only thing you need to do is to tell us your favorite colors and surfaces.

Besides wood colors, we also provide carpet and pebble effect vinyl floorings which have relative carpet and marble surfaces matching these products. Interested in these products? Just browse our relative pages.

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