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Wood Texture Vinyl Flooring

Featured by embossed fine and dense wood grains, wood texture vinyl flooring looks more like real wood floor. While compared with wood floor, wood texture vinyl plank flooring is more waterproof which enables it to be applied in humid places like bathroom. Meanwhile the high wearing resistance character also makes wood texture vinyl flooring suitable for commercial use. Careful people may notice, more and more public places like shopping mall or coffee house are turning to use wood texture commercial vinyl flooring, for which the wood-like surface is one reason, the durable character is the other main factor.

With a surface type of wood effect, wood texture vinyl flooring can be matched with many beautiful colors like maple, cherry and teak. If you are looking for true forest vinyl flooring, wood texture vinyl flooring is a good choice. Worry about the quality? Come to check our vinyl flooring reviews page and see what our clients say about us.

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