A great flooring choice that suits every budget and décor, Vinyl floor is an affordable choice that offers elegant looks, style, and long-lasting performance. When installed correctly over the proper subflooring, vinyl flooring can be extremely resistant to scratches and stains when correctly installed over the proper subflooring. Moisture resistance It specially fits wet areas […]

Professional Vinyl Flooring Supplier – ChicVinylFlooring

ChicVinylFlooring.com is the pace setting professional vinyl supplier that has passionately found a way to make homes and businesses a healthier place by making available natural eco-friendly vinyl flooring  that are stylish, adds elegance and  beauty to your home or business space. At Chic Vinyl Flooring, we offer perfect flooring solutions to whatever space you […]

Recycling Vinyl Flooring for Decoration

Vinyl flooring is part of the use of easily applied finishes that do not compromise the quality of finishes and save time and plenty of money in the process. This is also a commitment from the building industry to reduce their carbon footprint and Chic Vinyl flooring is at the forefront of this initiative. Vinyl […]

Choosing The Right Type Vinyl Flooring

To choose the right type flooring is a complicated task than simply discovering a most attractive item and installing it. Vinyl is one of the best choices when it comes to flooring for commercial and residential installations, due to its affordability, durability and low maintenance cost. It’s easy to clean and there be no-wax surfaces. […]

Vinyl flooring comes of age

Considered by many to be the perfect blend of style and functionality, vinyl plank flooring has everything that homeowners want in a flooring. Current styles have never looked better and many times it is hard to tell the difference between vinyl and real hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring is expensive and maintenance-intensive. Even flooring a relatively […]

Flooring the Competition

Taking care of your home or business can be an exhausting task, particularly when it comes to installation and maintenance. People fret about getting their bathroom or kitchen redone for longer than the actual renovation takes, why is that? I think that it is a relic from an age in which information about your options […]

How to Install Vinyl Flooring

Installing a vinyl floor can be a simple process. Most of the vinyl floor tiles available these days have a peel-and-stick back. Do it yourselfers love the simplicity of the design and not needing special tools or training to renovate a tired or damaged floor. There is one step that is rarely mentioned, however, and that is priming the floor prior to installing the tile. The adhesive on the back of vinyl tiles don’t really dry. Applying a coat of primer gives the tile adhesive something to stick to. This is especially important if you are applying tiles to a plywood or concrete surface. Prepping the floor. Make sure the floor is clean and smooth. Fill any gaps with filler […]